Experience fascinating adventures with unique classic-car tours.

As a hotel in Hamburg, the Treudelberg is an excellent starting point for experiencing the pleasures of this diverse and vibrant Hanseatic city. If you want to make your classic-car tours a little more idyllic, we recommend the beautiful country roads of Schleswig-Holstein or even travelling south of the Elbe to the "Alte Land" or the "Lüneburg Heide. Of course, these also represent enjoyable options for a youngtimer tour. Many of our guests set out in their classic car from the hotel on a day-trip to St. Peter-Ording or the nearby Baltic coast. We have also put together varied and very special classic car trips for you. As part of our "Oldtimer Arrangements", you can start a discovery trip to the coast with a richly filled picnic basket. Choose your favourite from four hand-picked classic car tours and let yourself be enchanted by northern Germany.

The Treudelberg is also the ideal base for longer excursions and rallies. Furthermore, the annual meeting of the German Autoclub is held in the immediate vicinity and includes a rally, accommodation and dining events. Would you like to make use of our offers but don’t have your own classic car? Our hotel will be happy to help you enjoy classic-car tours with a hired classic car. And in the highly unlikely event of a fault with your classic car, you are in good hands: a classic-car specialist can be reached in around 30 minutes from here.

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